Every year billions of people leverage social media networks to share content and build their fan network. Unfortunately, most people or online marketers dont realize any financial return from the countless hours they spend on social media networks.


The Pamper Me Network develops social rewards technology for brands that wish to reward their followers for sharing their special offer announcements. We are the Internets' social rewards & loyalty management network powering over 120,000 websites and online promotions.

We make it affordable for brands to deploy content driven, self-replicating viral online contests.


In an effort to encourage licensed users of social rewards technology to embrace our technology and recommend it to others, we have created the Social Media User Of The Year Award and market many third-party user reward initiatives.  Sign-up to compete with members for $5,000 Annual Award as well as daily, weekly and monthly social rewards.  

Participate in our internal reward programs or share third-party offers and earn $1 for each user that signs up to support you plus up to 30% of e-commerce, advertising, payment processing and membership revenues.


The Pamper Me Network is the world's ONLY Social Rewards Network For Experts & Influencers. Access amazing business, speaking, career, funding & networking opportunities PLUS earn cash rewards for promoting yourself.


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