Every year billions of people leverage social media networks to share content and build their fan network. Unfortunately, most people or online marketers dont realize any financial return from the countless hours they spend on social media networks.

At the Pamper Me Network, we develop technology to solve this problem. Our team develops social rewards technology for experts and businesses that wish to earn lifetime cash rewards or digital currency for sharing content & special offer announcements on their favourite social media networks. We are the Internets' social rewards & loyalty management network powering over 120,000 websites and JV partners, connecting brands with influencers while brokering transactions and rewarding users for their loyalty.


> We provide social media users, experts & social influencers with the technology they need to promote themselves or interesting content on social media and earn lifetime cash rewards. 
> We supply webmasters with self-installing Joomla componets that allow them to reward visitors to their website with points for supporting their website
> We provide brands with the tools they need to reward social media influencers for sharing their announcements and, or related content.


> Earn cash rewards for sharing content & building your fan network.
> Earn $1/1 SR for each user that signs up to support you. (1,000 fans = $1,000) **
> Earn lifetime cash rewards when your fans pamper themselves.
> Access deals & deep discounts on products, services & events
> Access amazing business, speaking, career, funding & networking opportunities 


> Upload your products & special offers for sale
> Sell advance tickets to your events
> Reward social media users to promote your special offers
> Generate unlimited sales leads
> Generate unlimited media publicity
> Build opt-in mailing lists 

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** Payouts are issued when $100 in cash rewards has accumulated in your account. 1 silver user or 2 vip users must upgrade their social rewards/social royalties license every 100 users they refer. PMN only disburses cash rewards on authentic user registration. Spam accounts not owned by an authentic real user will be deleted. There is $49.99 annual fee to activate your social rewards license.