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Black Lives Matters Has Nothing To Do With All Lives Matters @Anthony2016mdh30Vibes

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If it did then the motto would read, Black Lives Are Superior.

What is it that has so stuck a very dry cork in the throats of that small number of distressed individuals that have not had a good night’s rest since the beginning of this movement? Not to


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Anthony    Huie

Anthony Huie is a multi-faceted leader and experienced entrepreneur with a specialized talent for producing successful sporting events, building sports related reseller networks, marketing systems, driving grassroots sales—and creating literary works. His personal and business achievements are numerous.

He is President, Riverside Canada Football Academy; VP, Matrix Investments Inc; Consultant, TalkPix; Consultant, Pamper Me Network; Editor, Life Off The Pitch Magazine; Producer, “The KAOSS Hour” radio show; Author, “Noir Am”; Author, “The Spirit That Guides Us” book and Executive Producer, “The Spirit That Guides Us – The Movie”.

As a licensed “B” Class, Technical Soccer Trainer with 20 years experience, past president of the Toronto Soccer Association; President, National Soccer Club and former Board member of the Ontario Soccer Association, Anthony Huie is a motivator—who does not believe in the word impossible. In fact, it is this drive to grow that served as the catalyst that led Anthony to write "Noir Am", a spiritual fiction literary work and "The Spirit That Guides Us”—his first foray into writing as well as create the Ontario Soccer Association’s Harassment Policy.

This same work ethic led Anthony, through the National Soccer Club, an umbrella organization of Riverside Canada Football Academy, to create a safe place for female athletes to engage in competitive play, leading to the development of the Toronto Soccer Association's women competitive League, create global collegiate standards for skills development as well as acceptance of the Riverside Canada Football Academy's MDH-30 program.

Success has been the hallmark of Anthony’s career. For example, together with a team of collaborators, he was instrumental in bringing world renowned footballer, Zinedine Zidane to Canada in 2009—and in creating a powerful marketing strategy for the Zinedine Zidane Friendship Tour that resulted in $1.2 million in ticket sales while creating local, regional and national buzz for the sports entertainment event.

Anthony served as Coach and a member of the management staff that carried the first Canadian female group of competitive soccer players to Sweden, Denmark, Gothia Cup and the Dana cup respectively.  In doing so, he opened the door for hundreds of Canadian players to embark on the same journey.

As an executive and influencer, Anthony was instrumental in developing new player development modules for Ontario soccer and as President, Toronto Soccer Association he played a key role in ensuring that BMO Stadium was built in Toronto.

Needless to say, having graduated several players to development programs in France, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K, Anthony has proven his expertise in sports entertainment.

Today, Anthony Huie is focused on creating the financial and operational infrastructure required to transform “The Spirit That Guides Us” into a feature film. He is also leveraging his leadership and sales skills to help the Pamper Me Network to build a global network of social influencers and to revolutionize content distribution.


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